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In the tribal community of Jhabua, women hold an empowered position. They are involved in all social and financial decisions of the family. Shivganga realized this strength of society and has begun unfolding a Health Movement, which, given the position of women in the community, can be achieved in a short time. It would be a significant step in freeing the families of the clutches of the vicious debt cycle, as most of the borrowing is for medical urgency.

More than 796 empowered girls let us present this opportunity to some more!

Adolescence Girls (Kishori) Empowerment Camp

This camp lays the foundation of women leadership development in Jhabua. In the camp, girls share their stories of pain - a first time for many of them. With health as a common pattern in stories, they develop a collective vow to fight them and lead their village. The program is also opening avenues for livelihood generations among tribal women.

Swachh Gaon - Swastha Parivar

The training imparts knowledge of different nutritional plants and how they can combat nutritional deficiency in the family. Consequently, families adopt a set of 10-15 saplings of fruiting plants and grow in their house backyard.

Connecting to Women - Gram Pravas

The network development of women leaders is in its adolescent stage. Hence, Gram Pravas has become even more crucial. The young female volunteers travel across the villages and speak with girls explaining the need for women leaders and empowerment camp activities. Gram Pravas enables the girls to communicate hesitation-free and assert themselves boldly. It is also developing a network of girls who share a bonding with each other and work as an effective team.

796 Women trained, and this can't be possible without your support.


Vikas ka Jatan

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