HALMA 2023

PARMARTH KI PARAMPARA ~ 25 - 26 February 2023

Halma - The Bhil Tradition

Halma - The Bhil Tradition

Halma is an age old tribal practice of working together to help the ones in need. Whenever any member of the Bhil tribe is in need of help, the village would come together to help the person. People participating in Halma would selflessly help the person without expecting anything in return, and consider it as their duty and culture.

Halma - A Mass Movement for Environment Conservation



The youth and elders together breath a new life to this age –old practice and reinvented it at whole new level to solve the problems being faced by the society. Thus Halma as a movement was born out of tribal people’s concern for Mother Earth.

Conversation and Campaign

Conversation and Campaign

  1. A mass mobilization campaign is run for 3 months. The team of 2000 volunteers organizes meetings covering 1500 villages of Jhabua, Rajasthan & Gujarat
  2. A traditional invitation (teru) is done inviting everyone for the Halma at Hathipawa hills.
Confidence and Conviction

Confidence and Conviction

On the set date more than 40,000 tribal people will gather and undertake the herculean task of water conservation by digging contour trenches on the Hill of Hathipawa.

Halma - A mass movement for Mother Earth

Halma 2023


Social workers




Families reached




Contours to be dug


Liter water to be conserved annually

Impact of Halma so far

9,000M liter

Water conserved


Trees planted


Professional visited


Youth trained

Halma Darshan Yatra 2023

24 - 27 Feb 2023

A holistic opportunity to engage with the tribal community in Jhabua, and explore how they are coming together to solve environmental crisis and learn by living/working with them!
Understand the Campaign Understand the Campaign
Understand the Campaign
  1. Interact with the social leaders from different villages
  2. Understanding the planning and execution behind the mass movement
Participate in Halma Participate in Halma
Participate in Halma
  1. Witness the community coming together and working for Parmarth
  2. Experiencing the movement and the resolve with which villagers return to work in their villages
Experience tribal lifestyle Experience tribal lifestyle
Experience tribal lifestyle
  1. Spend a day in one of the villages
  2. Involve with the local people and experience the Bhil culture, art, life values, etc

Program Details:

24th February 2023 (Friday)
  • Arrival and lunch
  • Sessions to understand the planning and execution behind the mass movement
  • Interaction with the social leaders
  • Halma movie screening and discussion
25th February 2023 (Saturday)
  • Camp site tour and witnessing behind the scenes arrangements
  • Interact with people coming from different villages for Halma
  • Geti Yatra through the city
  • Cultural program at night
26th February 2023 (Sunday)
  • Halma at Hathipawa Hill
  • Leaving for different villages along with volunteers
  • Village Stay
27th February 2023 (Monday)
  • Arrival at Shivganga Gurukul
  • Concluding session
  • Leaving back to respective destinations
Program Details 1 Program Details 2
Let us join our tribal brothers and sisters in this journey of a transformation and learn from the model of sustainable development that Jhabua is creating.

How to reach!


Indore: 3 hours

Vadodara: 4 hours

Ahmedabad: 4 hours

Route 1

Indore (IDR) Airport -> Cab/Bus to Jhabua (150Km, 3 hours journey) -> Pickup by Shivganga team

Route 2

Indore (INDB) Railway Station -> Cab/bus to Jhabua (150Km, 3 hours journey) -> Pickup by Shivganga team

Route 3

Meghnagar (MGN) Railway Station -> Pickup by Shivganga team


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