Tackling water crisis

Water Crisis is the predominant stress of the tribal community of Jhabua. It sets in motion a vile cycle of woes that goes beyond the compulsion of migration. The reckless deforestation leading to barren hills and heavy surface runoff doesn't allow enough rainwater percolation. A large section of those with agricultural land take at most one crop a year. The youths of Jhabua empowered through training camps took a pledge to quench the thirst of Mother Earth. With the slogan "Gaon-Gaon me jayenge, Shankar Jata banayenge", they revived their age-old tradition Halma and started making Shankar Jata, i.e. water structures to conserve water in Jhabua. Thus began a Jal Andolan.

Deforestation is also contributing to the water crisis problem of Jhabua.

Save your share of water

Reservoirs (Earthen Dam) Construction

Every year during Gram Engineering Training villagers identify sites for water reservoirs. They do Halma to build these reservoirs during dry summer months. Till now 80 talab constructed with water holding capacity of 481.43 crore litre

Small water structures

Apart from water reservoirs, small water bodies such as hand pump recharging, Bori Bandhan, contour trenching helps in recharging groundwater. These one-time structures are Constructed post the monsoon rain, it helps villagers to retain water for immediate use. Till now more than 500 small water bodies were repaired & built 209050 counter trenches constructed.

Watershed Development with NABARD

Under the Watershed Development Project supported by NABARD, Shivganga has treated 100 hectares of land this year in Kheda village. Shivganga, through its network of volunteers, availed the human resource for the project who have constructed:

  • 6320 running meters of earthen field bund
  • 965 running meters of stone field bunding
  • 117 stone outlets,
  • 240 staggered contour trenches
  • Two farm ponds
  • Six stone gully plugs
  • 100 horticulture plants and
  • 400 agroforestry plants







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Vikas ka Jatan

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