Urban and Tribal Societies

Over a long time, our country has missed a coercive model of knowledge sharing and working together between tribal and urban communities—a colossal loss in the path of the prosperity of our nation. Shivganga is bridging the gap, and eventually, Jhabua has become a platform where students and professionals across the country and tribal youths abuzz with traditional wisdom are working together. The students and professionals take a lifetime experience of ground reality, enabling them to appropriate policies and innovation. Thus, also ensuring social capital generation.

Get involved with Shivganga to make our villages self-reliant and full of self-esteem!

Image vs Reality

The Tribal Community of Jhabua faced ill repute and misappropriation based on perceptions and images - sometimes at the diagonal end of reality. Under the Image vs Reality of Shivganga, every year, hundreds of students and chunks of the urban populace visit Jhabua. They live in the villages and experience the humility & values of the tribal community - breaking their perceptions forever.

Facilitated Academic Projects

Shivganga facilitates research and study on subjects relevant to the tribal community of Jhabua and rural development. It includes providing accommodation, food and local commutation, and assistance and guidance for the students by Shivganga’s volunteers and Social Leaders.

  1. Kumar Harsh, a final year B.Arch student of IIT Roorkee, did his thesis on rural architecture, taking Chhagola village as his research field. IIT Roorkee awarded the project the Service-Oriented Natural Science Innovation & Application (SONIA) Award.
  2. ENACTUS-IIT Delhi team led by one Udita Wadhwa - third-year student - initiated research for a viable model of Biogas Plant in rural-tribal areas like Jhabua. They put an experimental flexi model at Shivganga's Dharampuri Gurukul.
  3. Kimbaly Mahakalkar, a pre-final year MBBS student of RCSM Govt Medical College and CPR Hospital, Kolhapur, spent seven months in Jhabua studying the community health conditions of the Bhil tribe.

Main aur Mera Parmartha - Camp

Owing to the Image vs Reality program today, there's a network of more than 400 students & professionals who are connected with Shivganga. Shivganga organises a two-days camp every year inviting such individuals, where we discuss how together we can contribute to the movement of Holistic Rural Development in Jhabua.

Fellowship Program

A choice that makes the difference from others.

Vishwanath Allannavar

BA-LLB-Bangalore University - Law College(2018), has been working with Shivganga for three years. He came to Jhabua in 2016 through the Image vs Reality program. After some visits, he became a fellow for two years, taking up a project of Social Capital Generation through Youth Empowerment Camps. As a full-time volunteer, Vishwanath is engaged in various projects like Community Forests Rights and Jan Samvardhan dimension of Shivganga.

Rishabh Seth

B.Tech-IIT Roorkee(2019), met Shri Mahesh Sharma and Nitin Dhakad in Vision India Foundation’s program in Delhi in 2018. Inspired by their address on Rural Development, post-college, Rishabh left his job and came to Jhabua in 2020. As a fellow, he is now involved in the Jhabua Tourism venture and Bamboo Training Centre at Meghnagar.

Satyajeet Patel

B.Tech-Electrical-IIT Roorkee(2018), completed his two-year fellowship this year(2021). He came to Jhabua in his college days in 2016 under the Image vs Reality program. He, with Shivganga’s tribal entrepreneur - Vijendra Amaliyar-has led the Jhabua Naturals venture in his fellowship. Now a full-time volunteer, Satyajeet is serving as Project Leader of Jhabua Naturals. The duo is also leading the Nav-Vigyan Samvardhan dimension, under which the Rural Technology Innovation Lab has been initiated.

Avinash Mattur

LLM-Amity University (2020), came to Jhabua in 2019 under the Image vs Reality program. After completing his studies, he took on the project of Community Forest Rights in Jhabua. Since then, as a fellow, he has been working on the CFR project spread over 25 villages.

Kumar Harsh

B.Arch-IIT Roorkee(2020), is pursuing the fellowship program of Shivganga for one year. He came to Jhabua in 2018 under the Image vs Reality program and also did his final year thesis in Jhabua. Today, he is involved in the Communication Design team and other projects in Shivganga’s Dharmapuri Gurukul.

Anoop Singh

B.Tech-Civil-IIT Roorkee(2020) came to Jhabua in Jan 2021 under the Image vs Reality program. He initially spent three months exploring the idea of exploring peer-to-peer learning and also spent a month in Vande Matram Foundation for the same. He is continuing as a fellow and involved in youth empowerment programs of Shivganga.

Friends of Jhabua - City

Friends of Jhabua is an initiative to connect volunteers from different cities and institutes across fields of expertise to the social movement in Jhabua. The volunteers serve the purpose of hand-holding the ground team. They assist different projects through their knowledge of the respective field and play a key role in fundraising for the same. They also organise various events and visits to Jhabua under the Image vs Reality program. Such activities help connect people and institutions to Jhabua, thus adding pace to the movement. At the same time, students get a reliable portal where they seek inputs & guidance for their academic projects, a platform to experiment their ideas and learn from the tribal community.

Cities: Indore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Bhopal

Overseas: US, UK

Get involved with Shivganga to make our villages self-reliant and full of self-esteem!


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