Shivganga Samagra Gramviaks Parishad (SSGP), Reg. No. 03/27/03/10295/07, is a group of SocialĀ Entrepreneurs working for development solutions for rural India. The sustainable process forĀ development of rural India can be achieved through Self Reliance and Self Respect which is theĀ greatest strength of Shivganga Samagra Gramviaks Parishad. It is a cohesive group of rural andĀ urban youth, successfully implementing a replicable model of ā€œdevelopment movementā€ in tribalĀ districts Jhabua and Alirajpur of M.P. and to achieve this it was decided that the work should beĀ started in all the 1300 villages of Jhabua area.Ā The Jhabua area of M.P., including the newly constituted Alirajpur district is the mostĀ important district of the tribal belt of Central India. Jhabua district has a profound legacy of richĀ culture and heritage including religious and social rituals, traditions, arts, crafts and human values.Ā There has been a systematic effort of neglecting, ignoring and even exploiting the innocentĀ population particularly during 200 years of ā€˜British Rajā€™ which unfortunately continued even afterĀ independence. Therefore it is the need of the hour to address the situation by all like minded peopleĀ who believe in social harmony through restoration of Self Reliance and Self Respect.Ā Shivganga Samagra Gramvikas Parishad is actively engaged in organizingĀ various activities like training of youth (school drop outs between the age 15-35years) for villageĀ development which includes imparting motivation and organizing skills, team work, exposure andĀ understanding of todayā€™s world, technical skills like rain water harvesting and low cost cultivationĀ (organic farming). One of the main objective of these training activities is to make these tribal youthsĀ ā€œParamarthisā€.


Harsh Chouhan

Graduated from SGSITS, B.Tech in Mechanical in 1985, completed in Masters from IIT Delhi. Since 1988, he has been active in the field of social work. Beginning with Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, heā€™s been part of Shivganga since its conceptual inception in 1998. Shri Harsh Chouhan has been recently appointed as Chairman of NCST - National Commission for Scheduled Caste by the President of India.

Mahesh Sharma

Shri Mahesh Sharma was born on 14th March 1957 in a small village near Datia, Madhya Pradesh. His village happened to be near a Math(ą¤®ą¤ ) named ā€˜Peetambara Peethā€™. So, he spent his childhood and teenage in the company of social reformers and leaders which planted a seed of becoming a social change agent in him.

Rajaram Katara

After graduation in Geography, Rajaram Katara joined the conceptual team of Shivganga in 2001. A Bhil from Dhar-a nearby district of Jhabua, heā€™s been crucial in taking the message of Shivganga in local tribal people, decoding them in the local language with appropriate improvisation.